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Operation PIT: FREE spay, neuter, and more!

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  • FREE spay, neuter or vasectomy
  • FREE vaccinations (optional)
  • FREE microchip (optional)
  • FREE K9 camo gear for all participating dogs
  • “Honorable Discharge” and after-care instructions at the end of the day

Operation Pit is the ASPCA’s new canine health program specially designed to help Pits and Pit mixes be all that they can be! Operation Pit offers free spay, neuter, or vasectomy surgeries to Pit Bulls, along with free Distemper/Parvovirus vaccinations and free microchips. Vaccination and microchipping are optional, but dogs must receive spay, neuter or vasectomy services.

ANYONE MAY ENLIST THEIR Pit Bull in Operation Pit.

The program is not limited by income or place of residence.

IT IS EASY: On the morning of your dog’s visit, you will wait while your dog receives a free physical exam. Once he or she has been examined and all paperwork has been completed, you may leave and you will be told when in the afternoon to come back. Your dog is in and out in one day, and goes home with gifts including a camouflage bandana.

Participation in Operation Pit is by appointment only—sorry, no walk-ins.

Call (877) 900-PITS to find out more or schedule your dog’s visit.


COPYRIGHT © Photos by Justine Stojowski O’Hara, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  • olixwolf

    Is Operation Pit still running? I have a pit mix puppy that I would like to register.

  • coq10

    Real fantastic information can be found on this web blog.

  • emma perry

    Gosh we surely need this type of program here in NJ. Peace

    • Brooklyn Paws

      We will research it and hopefully find a program for you,if nothing else, similar to the one ASPCA offers. In the mean time if you come across one before we do, PLEASE LET US KNOW…. we want to spread the word. THANK YOU for your support!

      • Steph

        If you find any in new jersey please let us know please! Wish we could come to ny for this one. But only for ny dogs.

  • nightshaye

    On the aspca page, it says for the 5 boroughs only. How does someone not in nyc do this?

    • Brooklyn Paws

      What city are you in and what kind of a dog do you have? I will try to find a free or low fee spay/neuter place for you if I can.

  • nightshaye

    Great idea!!! Kudos

  • carlee

    I love that its completely free, it gets more people to do it, but i think they could even ask for an optional donation with the service?

    • Brooklyn Paws

      Carlee, that is really a good idea….. I will hope that some people will donate to the ASPCA in return, at least something to keep that service going.

    • Brooklyn Paws

      It would be great if people would leave donations if they can to keep this program going for as long as possible or to be able to help with fundraising for other animal issues. Rescues can never have enough $.


  • Szukidavis

    This needs to be done all over the city and especially down south..and I think that people should be paid to do this – maybe $25 a dog and $15 a kittie!  Let’s stop the slaughter by preventing!

    • Brooklyn Paws

      I do agree that it needs to be done all over and I mean everywhere.  The part  where people would get paid to do it unfortunately I see how others issues would be created where people would breed to spay or neuter to make $ from that.  Prevention is definitely one key to stopping or slowing down the slaughter for sure.