Boutique Cat Hotel


Cat Hotel

Our boutique, dog free cat hotel is located in a beautiful, sound proof, solar powered green space in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. With abundant, indirect natural lighting, air filtration, filtered water etc, this make it is a perfect cat sanctuary while you are away. Your cat will have an option to stay in one of two comfortable suites of different sizes with vertical floors to climb. Each suite includes it’s own litter box with fresh litter, toy, scratch pad, food and filtered water.

Your cat’s hotel stay will also help support our Brooklyn Paws Foundation dedicated to animal rescue including TNR ( trapping and releasing cats in the streets of New York ).

Brooklyn Paws
  • Feline Grand Lux Suite
  • $39.00+ tax per night
  • Minimum 3 nights
  • Feline Grand Lux Suite
  • $31.00+ tax per night
  • Minimum 3 nights
  • Litter box cleaned daily, multiple times.
  • Wet food included, you can bring your own ( No discounts for own food )
  • Filtered fresh Water included.
  • Daily time outside of the suite for exercise included however cats will not co mingle with cats from other households.
  • Daily photo and updates included.